About the Project

Virginia Tech Spring 2017 UAP Design Studio

This website is an outgrowth of the Spring 2017 Urban Design Studio at Virginia Tech’s Masters in Urban and Regional Planning program in the National Capital Region. The goal of the studio was to bring to light the stories and voices associated with places that may not be typically viewed as “historic” resources, but that nonetheless comprise an essential part of community character and vitality.

We studied the small but impressive list of “legacy business” initiatives in the US and Europe, which use a variety of criteria to define legacy businesses and employ a broad range of strategies to promote them. We decided to document and map businesses over 10 years old and give special attention to businesses over 25 years old. We feel that Nauck/Green Valley and Lee Highway are timely areas of study since they are undergoing redevelopment and/or community visioning processes.

Although this is a Virginia Tech-initiated and managed project, we have been fortunate to have strong support and input from Arlington’s Historic Preservation program, Community Housing and Preservation Division, Arlington Cultural Affairs, and Arlington Economic Development. We have also had valuable input from Portia Clark and Dr. Albert O. Taylor from the Nauck/Green Valley community and from the

Lee Highway Alliance.

Special thanks to Arlington’s Center for Local History, which will transcribe and house the oral histories so they are permanently available to future scholars of legacy businesses.

The studio was led by Dr. Elizabeth Morton, Associate Professor of Practice. The student team consisted of: Andrew Ausel; Charles Egli; Rae Ferraioulo; Valeria Gelman; Emily Lockhart; Sarah Steller; Michael Tamarin; Hazel Ventura; and Peter Winslow. Website built by Rae Ferraioulo.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions, comments or suggestions for establishments you feel should be highlighted as a Legacy Business in your neighborhood.

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