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Gordon Riddle, the current manager of Brown’s Honda, explained to Virginia Tech students that the owner of Brown’s Arlington Honda started at Brown’s Pontiac on Columbia Pike back in the 1970’s. Brown’s Honda took over the site of a Lincoln Mercury dealership. He kept the name “Brown’s Honda” because it was familiar and easy.

Mr. Riddle feels that the location on Lee Highway is great because anyone who lives in Arlington that works in DC can easily drop their car off and they will run a shuttle to the metro for their customers. He shared that they have maintained the longest standing customers of any Brown’s dealership (about 80 to 100 customers per day). Mr. Riddle explained that Brown’s also manages to retain their employees much longer than other Honda dealers do.

Brown’s has tried to be an inclusive member of the local business community by offering a map of local businesses so people getting their car serviced can go get their nails done or to go get some coffee. Mr. Riddle noted that creating that document was a collaborative effort with the Cherrydale Business Alliance, which continues to foster collaboration between business owners in the area.

Brown’s Arlington Honda
3920 Lee Highway Arlington, VA 22207
(703) 522-8808

Brown’s Honda team, by Brown’s Honda

“We’re not always a welcome guest, because we do bring a lot of traffic… but that was a challenge [in securing this location]…” 

Gordon Riddle, Brown Honda Manager

“Just the fact that we could grow together… customers are doing well, the people who live in the area are doing well.” “They find value in what we do.”

Gordon Riddle, Brown Honda Manager

Full Interview on Arlington’s WERA 96.7 (minute 15:58)

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