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NPR | April 29, 2020

Eden Center Watches Doors Close One-By-One During the Pandemic

The Washington Post | January 2, 2020

As Clarendon Ballroom closes, it’s the end of an era for Arlington nightlife.

Another long-standing business in Arlington closes and the article references the evolution of the neighborhood over time, and links to the VT Little Saigon Clarendon website.

With Good Reason | June 2019

Voices of Vietnam

Episode 4, Parts 1 and 2, of the Voices of Vietnam podcast features oral histories collected by the Echoes of Little Saigon project. Minute 4:25 of Part 2 references Clarendon’s “Little Saigon” businesses and their significance to the Vietnamese immigrants assimilating into American culture.

Northern Virginia Magazine | January 2, 2018

Revisit the loss of Clarendon’s ‘Little Saigon.’

The article mentions the “Echoes of Little Saigon” project conducted by Virginia Tech graduate students in 2014.

Catholic Herald | October 18, 2017

Remembering Clarendon’s Little Saigon

The article explores Clarendon prior to the opening of Metro’s Orange Line, the arrival of Vietnamese to the DC area, and the growth and relocation of Vietnamese businesses from Little Saigon to Eden Center.

Virginia Tech | September 25, 2017

Virginia Tech’s studio class shares oral history of Vietnamese immigrants in Arlington’s “Little Saigon” neighborhood

The article recounts the oral histories documented by the 2014 graduate studio and shares stories of Clarendon residents unaware of their neighborhoods history.

Virginia Tech | November 2, 2017

Virginia Tech grad students are instrumental in preserving history of Arlington’s ‘Little Saigon’ in new illustrated booklet

The article references the studio serving as a foundation for the creation of a illustrated booklet by Kim A. O’Connell.

Virginia Tech | May 4, 2015

Graduate students’ studio project on Arlington’s Vietnamese community spurs May 9 celebration

The article explains the purpose of the studio and the celebration that honored Clarendon’s Vietnamese heritage on May 9, 2015.

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